17 Including Americans Kidnapped In Haiti By Gang

October 18, 2021

By: Mary Moore

17 people with 15 of those being American, one Canadian and one Haitian were kidnapped in Haiti on Saturday by a notorious gang, according to ABC. 

The FBI is stepping in to help the Hatian government to rescue the victims that includes five children who were in Haiti working with a Ohio based church missionary. 

The 400 Mawozo gang is suspected of being the ones who abducted them as they were on a trip to an orphanage. 

Haiti continues to be unstable after its president Jovenel Moïse was assassinated in July and after being plagued with deadly hurricanes that claimed the lives of 2,200 people in August.

"You put the poverty on top of repeated 7.0 plus magnitude earthquakes over the years, and it's just been brutal for the Haitian people and very difficult for them to establish not just the rule of law, but basic functions of society," said retired Col. Stephen Ganyard, an ABC News contributor and former assistant secretary of state.

According to Haiti's Center for Analysis and Research in Human Rights, there has been at least 600 kidnappings this year and the 400 Mawozo group are believed to be behind the majority.