2 Dead, 19 Injured In Mass Shooting In Norway's Gay District

June 25, 2022

By Richard Schertzer

Photo: Sotiri Dimpinoudis

Another mass shooting, this time in Oslo, Norway, where 2 people were shot to death and 19 were injured outside of 2 bars in an area of the city that is the hub of gay nightlife, according to TMZ. 

It was a horrendous scene, hearing the gunshots in the video as 40 witnesses looked and ran in horror. Police captured a suspect just minutes after the attack. A police spokesman would not identify the alleged shooter or motive. Cops believe there was only one gunman.

Norway is celebrating gay pride this month, and Saturday -- literally just hours after the attack -- a parade was supposed to start as the highlight of the 10-day festival.

Norway is considered a progressive country ... gay couples have had the right to marry since 2009.

Norway's Prime Minister, Jonas Gahr Store, called the shooting a "cruel and deeply shocking attack on innocent people."