2 Dead After Laid-Off Employee Gunned Down Three People In Oneida Casino, Wisconsin

May 04, 2021

By Cao Hữu Tín

The incident happened in the casino restaurant when the shooter came to the Duck Creek Kitchen and Bar. Two people were killed, and another victim was severely wounded but the condition was less serious afterward.

Oneida Casino is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with a complex of conference center, restaurant, casino, and hotel. The suspected shooter was Bruce Pofahl, whom the restaurant fired, and police shot and killed at the scene, "certainly this individual was a threat." said Brown County Sheriff Todd Delain.

He added, "All those officers who in essence who ran towards the sound of gun fire or a situation where they know they were entering a potentially deadly situation. We have to commend them for bravery,".

Oneida Chairman Tehassi Hill felt shocked by the shooting, although the security was strict in the complex. However, tighter protocols might be applied while staying tuned with police investigations.