34 People Rescued Off Chunk Of Ice In Green Bay

January 09, 2022

By: Olivia Krueger 

After being stranded on a large chunk of ice, 34 people were rescued in Green Bay

According to the Brown County Sheriff's Office in Wisconsin, around 10:15 a.m. they received a call that a chunk of ice had broken off from the shoreline off Point Comfort in Green Bay and there were people stuck on it. 
The sheriff's office said, "It is believed a barge that had gone through the bay shortly before the ice breakage may have contributed to the destabilization of the ice." Also, "Although the chunk of ice remained fairly stable, its condition was deteriorating rapidly (abd) cracking up as it moved with the open water pounding at the edge of it."
Shane Nelson and Robert Verhagen were witnesses to the event while they were ice fishing and Nelson gave a statement to WLUK saying, "It sounded like almost somebody fired a gun out there... We thought it was interesting. We got out of our shanty, looked and... a couple of people were yelling that the ice was separating." 
The sheriff's report stated that within two hours they had successfully rescued thirty-four people from the ice and there were no injuries.