5 Year Old Found Dead Weeks Before Reported Missing In Texas

June 04, 2021

By Selam Yohannis

Details about the death of a missing five year old have just been revealed. Apparently the boy from Houston had died weeks before anyone reported him missing according to authorities.

The young boy’s body was discovered in a motel in Jasper and the people who are now being seen a suspicious are his father and his father’s girlfriend. There are court documents explaining how the girlfriend called her roommate saying Samuel was dead.

The roommate told the police that they kept the same you’re in a bathtub for two days before putting him in a container then putting that container in a storage unit. Samuel’s body was left there for three weeks before the girlfriend had a man drive her and the body to Jasper well police searched her Southeast Houston home.

If it wasn’t for the roommate calling crimestoppers the police would not have been able to find Samuel’s body. Later on May 27 the child’s father Dalton Olson reported him missing claiming his girlfriend had been babysitting Samuel since April 30.

However the girlfriend stated that Samuel’s mother picked him up with a police officer. This turned out to be be false as the mother provided surveillance footage of her home showing the child wasn’t there.

Samuel’s body has arrived and will undergo an autopsy in Harris County. Authorities have charged a girlfriend with evidence tampering and could face even more cha