A Fuel Depot Explosion in Cuba Leaves One Person Dead, 100 Injured, and 17 People Missing

August 07, 2022

By: Mariah Fritz

On Friday evening, a lightning strike hit a fuel depot at the Matanzas Supertanker Base in western Cuba causing a fiery explosion that spread to a second fuel tank leaving more than 100 civilians injured, and 17 firefighters missing.

The firefighters reported missing were the ones closest to the scene trying to quell the flames. According to The Telegraph, the fire started on Friday night, went on to Saturday, and today the fire still isn’t completely extinguished. 15 people were hospitalized and nearly 1,000 people were evacuated from their homes in the surrounding areas. 

In one of the latest updates posted by The Independent, one person has been pronounced dead and at least 122 people are injured. The 17 firefighters are still missing. Today the Cuban presidency made a statement on Twitter, saying “Firefighters continue fighting the intense fire as help comes from friendly countries. Today will be a pivotal day in our fight for life.”