A Virginia Man Wins 7,777 On Lottery Ticket On the Way From Vacation

April 18, 2021
Story by Cao Hữu Tín, Photo courtesy of Virginia Lottery
Just by driving out on the freeway and choosing a local route, you might win a lottery ticket!

In Virginia, Dhrupal Patel was driving back home from a family vacation and arriving at the Stop & Save store to buy some snacks and coffee. Everything was normal until he was at home and remembered he also bought a scratch-off ticket. 
As it turns out, Patel's simple trip had become a game changer in the best way. The lottery ticket he had purchased was a winning ticket.
"I was not able to talk," Patel recalled. "I couldn't believe it!"

$777,777 prize was all he had when he scratched the ticket. The key decision in the trip is that he did not drive out the freeway and instead chose a scenic route for his family.

This fortune is unbelievable for him and he stated that he has plans to use this money to look after his family.