Adele's Long Awaited Fourth Album Is Here

November 19, 2021

By: Mary Moore

Award winning writer and singer Adele released her fourth album on Friday called “30” which reflects the age the prolific artist was during the process that took six years to complete.

It’s a work of musical art that features a tracklist of 12 songs with the song “Easy On Me” that’s already a chart topping hit, "Love Is A Game”, and “My Little Love” that features a conversation with her 9-year-old son Angelo. Other favorites were “To Be Loved”, “Oh My God”, “Hold On” which is sure to uplift those who are lost in the search for love and “Can I Get It” which shows the fun and flirty side of the crooner as she sings: 


Oh, I have promised I will love you 'til the end of time

Through it all, the good, the bad, the ugly, and divine

I will be the melody, the rhythm, and your rhyme

All I want is for you to be mine, mine


So can I get it right now? Mmm

Can I get it right now? (Can I get it here?)

Can I get it right now?

Can I get it right now?

Let me, let me just come and get it

The album’s vibe was something that gives you an intimate feeling as if you were listening to Adele in a dark jazzy venue while sipping a cocktail. 

This is relatable grown folks music that’s classy and seductive to the ear and that was worth the wait. 

If music is therapy then we’re healing.