Alabama Police Department Disbanded Over Racist Text Message

August 07, 2022

By: Matthew Burkhead

It would appear that some people have failed to develop a filter. In Vincent, Alabama, the small town voted to disband its police department over a racist text message communicated between two of its officers.

In the text, which was recently found on social media, one user named “752” asked: “What do y’all call a pregnant slave?” To this, one unknown person through the text replied with question marks.

The user “752” in turn responded: “BOGO Buy one, get one free.”

On the same day, Vincent city council decided to disband the police force; first recounted the messages on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, there was an internal investigation conducted by the department, and “appropriate disciplinary action” was taken, according to the police chief, James Srygley.

However, on Thursday, Srygley and assistant chief John L Goss were terminated from their positions. After that, the city voted to disband the whole department.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office “condemn those actions” on Friday, and their office was helping citizens with emergency law enforcement service.

The town that lies southeast of Birmingham is 2000 strong as of 2021, with roughly 500 African Americans and only eight Hispanic people.