Angel Ramos-Corrales, 19-Year-Old From California, Accused Of Slitting Puppy’s Throat and Gloated About It On Snapchat

April 27, 2021

By Laura Alejandra Sugahara Murgueitio

Federal charges have been filed against a Riverside man who investigators say slit his dog’s throat and then gloated about it on social media. More than two months after Riverside police arrested 19-year-old Angel Ramos-Corrales, the U.S. attorney has charged him with animal crushing, a federal crime related to causing serious bodily injury to an animal, according to Los Angeles Times. This cruel crime carries up to a seven-year prison sentence if convicted.

The incident began on February 13th about 6pm, when a person called the Riverside Police Department to report the video posted on Ramos-Corrales's Snapchat account. The video showed a 10-week-old Chihuahua named Canelo that Ramos-Corrales bought on Craigslist for less than 50 dollars, the dog was lying on its side with a large laceration on its neck, court records show. In the video, Ramos-Corrales allegedly made a series of statements including, “I smoked his little a—. Like that, homie, this is real life,” Ramos-Corrales said in the video, according to court documents. “I ain’t no b—. I’m cold-hearted.” At the end of the video, the affidavit states, Ramos-Corrales kicked the dog and said, “Mo-f— is dead.”, according to Los Angeles Times. The same day, police went to Ramos-Corrales’ home, where they found him with bloodstains on his clothes and cut wounds on his hand, according to the news release.

Officers from the Animal Control Unit responded to the home and removed the “barely alive dog,” the news release states. A veterinarian then had to euthanize Canelo after determining the young dog had fractured bones in his head and chest, officials said. Ramos-Corrales's roommate told the Officers that he had locked himself in his bedroom after seeing the blood and the dog wrapped in a rug. When the Police Officers asked Ramos-Corrales about the incident he told them that he had been smoking marijuana and didn’t remember exactly what he had done, but that he lost control when the dog nipped him, he also said he felt remorse and had poured rubbing alcohol on the dog.

Ramos-Corrales told federal investigators that his brother had become involved in gang violence, and when the FBI interviewed his sister, she said their oldest brother was often in prison and she suspected Ramos-Corrales posted the video on Snapchat to impress him, according to Los Angeles Times.