Armie Hammer Begins Treatment Program

June 09, 2021

By Ali Pelura

Just over a week ago, actor Armie Hammer left the Cayman Islands for the first time since he was accused of rape in March. The actor has now begun treatment for issues regarding drugs, alcohol and sex. 

Multiple sources have confirmed that Hammer entered the facility on Monday, May 31, and that he is supported by his ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers, and the rest of his family. 

A witness was the first to report an emotional exchange between Hammer, his estranged wife, and their two children. “A lot of hugs and seemed emotional,” the witness wrote. 

Chambers and Hammer announced their divorce during the summer of 2020. A source close to Chambers has told reporters that Hammer has admitted to cheating multiple times and that the couple attempted to go through couples therapy.

The controversies regarding the “Call Me By Your Name” actor go far beyond adultery. March 18, he was accused of rape by a woman named Effie who has also shared some direct message exchanges with Hammer. In these exchanges, he has described some of his sexual fantasies in detail including sexual domination, blood drinking and forms of cannibalism.

These messages went viral and it was not long before Hammer became a trending topic. According to Effie, various other victims of Hammer’s abuse have reached out to her. 

Since these allegations and screenshots surfaced, Hammer has stepped down from the upcoming rom-com, “Shotgun Wedding,” and has been dropped from the thriller, “Billion Dollar Spy.” The agency, WME, that formally represented him has also cut ties. 

A friend of Hammer’s has shown support for the controversial actor making a remark about his attempts to begin treatment. “This is a clear sign that he is taking back control [of] his life and knows that this [is] a step towards his overall well being,” said the close friend.