Attempting World-Record Motorcycle Jump Leads To Daredevil Alex Harvill’s Death

June 18, 2021

By Selam Yohannis 

Reports recently confirmed that Alex Hartvill recently died after the injuries he sustained while practicing a jump on his motorcycle. He was a 28 year old stunt rider who is gearing up to set a world record. 

The stunt that Harvill was attempting stretched the length of a football field. He was supposed to perform it at the Moses Lake Air Show. Video footage of the attempt shows Harvill landing short causing him to slam into the side a bid dirt mound. 

He died at the hospital after being taken there for his injuries. The airshow organizer knew the stunt was riskey so he had medical personnel on standby. However, EMT didn’t reach Harvill until two minutes and thirty seconds after he crashed. 

An autopsy will still be conducted to determine exact cause and manner of his death. Harvill is survived by his wife and two sons.