Body Part Filled Suitcases Found Inside Brooklyn Apartment

September 22, 2022

By: Mariah Fritz

At 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, police officers found multiple suitcases filled with body parts in a New York apartment.

The building is located on Linwood Street in Brooklyn, and the suitcases were stored inside a sixth-floor apartment. Authorities were called after a resident reported the “foul odor” of the apartment. According to BNO News, a young woman who is the tenant of the odorous apartment is believed to be missing.

Once police officers heard that the tenant in her 20s was absent, they entered the apartment. They tracked the odor down to multiple suitcases, which were then opened and revealed a hoard of body parts, according to the New York Post.

In an article by ABC7 NY, residents told officials that the woman lived with a man, who detectives are now looking to question. They were also told that “the two had fought in the past.”

"This neighborhood is not the best neighborhood to be honest with you, but this is outrageous. Absolutely outrageous," neighbor Lindsey Vena expressed. "It makes me scared to even be around here. I'm just sick."

Investigators already have a person of interest who was brought in for questioning, but the identity of the criminal and the victim has not been disclosed and the investigation is ongoing.