Car Hits & Kills 2 Week Old Baby On His First Outing

April 06, 2021
Story by Selam Yohannis; Photo courtesy of Facebook and West Midland Police
A 2-week old baby was struck by a BMW while out on his very first carriage stroll.  Young UK couple Camaron Morris and Codie Holyman stated "Mommy’s and daddy’s hearts will always ache, we love you more than anything,” as they grieved their baby at the accident site.
Details of the incident from Sunday have yet to be reported. What's known is that car slammed into the carriage pinning it against the wall. A bystander tried to save Ciaran Leigh Morris by performing CPR until paramedics arrived. The baby was eventually flown to the hospital but died shortly after arriving. 
Police identified the driver as James Paul Davis, 34, and are charging him with causing death by dangerous driving. Police Sgt. Mark Crozier stated, "We've all been left numb by the sad death of Ciaran. He was just two weeks old and his life has been tragically taken away. To see the loss of someone so young is difficult for us as officers, but we know the pain is even greater for Ciaran’s family. We'll be doing all we can to support them while also trying to establish what happened leading to the collision.
Many folks have gone by the accident site to place flowers, stuffed animals, and more. A family friend stated, "I know the family and all I can say is they are numb with grief. It was maybe the first time they had taken the baby out together and this happens. It's an unimaginable horror they are going through. One second and the most precious thing in their lives is gone."