Chinese-Canadian Superstar Kris Wu Detained By Police On Suspicion Of Rape

July 31, 2021

By: Sarah DiLuzio

Entertainment pop star Kris Wu has been detained for suspected rape, according to Beijing police. 

Wu, who is one of China’s most popular celebrities, immediately grappled internet attention upon his detainment. The Beijing Chaoyang district police wrote on their Weibo late Saturday that “in response to internet reports ‘Wu X-fan has repeatedly tricked young women into having sex’ and other related issues, Wu X-fan (male, 30, Canadian) has been detained in accordance with the law after police investigations for the suspected crime of rape.” The post had more than 3.33 million likes after just 25 minutes and “#Wu Yifan has been detained” became the number one search on the Weibo website. 

Du Meizhu, a 19-year-old college student, has been the face of the accusations against Wu. Since July, she has taken to social media to post allegations that Wu got her drunk at a party and date-raped her. She also claimed that Wu has done the same thing to at least seven other girls that he found from casting calls or his fan groups. 

In response to the allegations, Wu wrote on his Weibo “I only met with this woman once on Dec. 5, 2020 while with a group of friends… I declare that I have never done anything like ‘selecting concubines,’ coercing women into sex, drugging people to rape them, or engaging with underage girls! If there had really been this behavior, I would certainly willingly go to jail.”

Last week, Beijing police ruled that Du and her friend who wrote the post had done so “in order to enhance their own popularity online.” Additionally, the police ruled that the conflicting claims about an alleged settlement between Wu and Du were the result of a third-party man who was defrauding people on both sides. However, the earlier police report confirmed parts of Du’s story, stating that they did meet at a house party after Du was cast in a music video, had sexual intercourse, and drank together until the next morning.

Last Tuesday, state broadcaster CCTV asked for more from the entertainment industry, saying “Now that the Kris Wu incident has blown up to such proportions, it is no longer mere entertainment industry gossip, but a legal case and public incident of great influence, requiring a comprehensive investigation by the relevant departments to resolve any doubts.” Global brands including Porsche, Louis Vuitton, and Bulgari have ended endorsement deals with Wu, according to Variety, and he is facing backlash from China’s top news outlets.