Cop Shoots And Kills Hispanic Man In Texas

April 17, 2021

By Richard Schertzer

Photo: TMZ

Yet another fatal shooting involving the police and a person of color occurred in Cypress, Texas, according to TMZ.

The video, which was shot on March 17, begins at a gas station, as three police officers attempt to subdue a Hispanic man. One of the officers has a taser in his hand, as their victim struggles and kicks and eventually pushes himself up from the ground. 

That same cop holsters his Taser, takes his gun out and shoots the man in the back. The man was taken to the hospital and then pronounced dead.

According to the Harris County Sheriff's Dept., their deputies responded to a call about a man wielding a knife. The deputies attempted CPR on the man before EMS showed up.

The Internal Affairs Division and Homicide Unit of Harris County Sheriff's Office is still investigating.