Destructive Wildfires In Arizona Cause Governor To Issue Declarations Of Emergency

June 09, 2021
Story by Selam Yohannis; Photo via Joseph Pacheco via AP
Declarations of Emergency have been issued for Arizona by the governor for wildfires that have burned over 146,000 acres of land in the state. $400,000 will be provided by the declarations in the efforts to help the situation. 
The governor wrote on Twitter, “The Declarations of Emergency and Federal Grants will help make sure responders have the necessary resources for response and recovery -- protecting people, pets & property. We will continue to work closely with local officials to ensure the needs of those communities are met." 
One of the first fires reported was from last Friday and was estimated to be more than 80,000 acres. 21% of the fire was contained with a 750 personnel responding to it. What causes the fire near Tonto National Forest is still being investigated. 
The Pinal County Sheriff's Office issued “numerous evacuation status alerts” warning people in the area of the “extreme fire activity.” Evacuation centers and large animal shelter is also being provided by the Red Cross of Arizona.
The Mescal Fire, which is the second active wildfire, was reported on Monday and estimated to be around 70,000 acres in the Mescal Mountains. “Significant progress“ has been made by the 610 responders who were sent out to contain the fire using methods like aerial water drops.
The incident overview stated, “Firefighters have been successful in reducing the fire threat to important infrastructure, resources and communities. Fire potential continues to exist.”
Highways are slowly re-opening and people are being directed to return home. Other areas however are still being evacuated while the Mescal Fire is being investigated. 
The governor stated, “Arizonans must take the threat of wildfires seriously and follow all safety precautions during these dry months, including following evacuation orders. I'm grateful to our brave firefighters and everyone working to protect Arizonans this wildfire season."