Edie McClurg, ‘Ferris Bueller’ Actress Is A Victim of Elder Abuse, Family Claims

August 03, 2022

By: Matthew Burkhead

Photo: CBS/Getty

Well, it would seem that they cannot wait to take advantage of someone when they are down.

Edie McClurg’s family has said that she’s a victim of elder abuse.

It would appear that in court documents, the actress's family—who lives in Los Angeles and has dementia—accused a man, who claims to be a “long time” friend, of abuse after he reportedly tried to take her out of California to marry her.

Michael L. Ramos, the name of the alleged abuser according to the documents filed in the Superior Court of California, was reportedly living with the actress since 2017.

Additionally, information from the documents said that Ramos is unemployed and does not contribute to rent or any expenses, and was able to “finagle” his way into McClurg’s life, allegedly to move her out of California to marry her.

The documents also accuse Ramos of allegedly “sexually assaulting” McClurg’s current caregiver, with a report file with LAPD. The caregiver expressed concern that Ramos “has or may be assaulting the Conservatee and that she may not even know that it is happening to her,” according to court documents.

The caregiver also said that McClurg and Ramos “have never been involved in a romantic relationship.”

Ramos wanted to marry her out of state despite knowing she “lacked capacity” and was living in her home “companionship,” which the conservatorship judge had allowed.

However, Ramos was ordered by a judge that he “may not enter into a valid marriage” with McClurg.

The family believes Ramos was verbally and physically abusive to McClurg and partitioned the court to have him removed from the premises.

More details to come…