Fake Cops Handcuffed And Carjacked Victims In Burbank, California

May 04, 2021

By Cao Hữu Tín

Photo: Forbes

Police in Burbank, California responded to an emergency call about two victims carjacked by two suspects on Monday.
The bizarre part is these two criminals impersonated police with uniforms and handcuffs.

The incident occurred before 1:45 am, and police tried to spot the location of the victims.

“Officers arrived on scene and encountered two victims who were handcuffed,” said Burbank police Sgt. Emil Brimway.

Two suspected drove a gray sedan, and “there are several charges that could be brought forward,” Brimway added. “Carjacking, possibly kidnapping, impersonating a police officer.”

If anyone gets information about the incident, please call 818-238-3210