Former Tallahassee Mayor and Democratic Nominee For Governor Andrew Gillum Arrested On Wire Fraud

June 22, 2022

By: Mary Moore

Andrew Gillum, 42, the former mayor of Tallahassee and former candidate for Governor was arrested by the FBI Wednesday on federal charges of wire fraud, the Tampa Times reports. 

One of Gillum’s closest advisers, Lettman-Hicks, 53, was also named in an indictment on corruption that spans from 2016-2019 where both were accused of unlawfully soliciting campaign contributions.

Gillum appeared in federal court and plead not guilty to federal public corruption charges on an investigation that’s been going on since 2015 where others previously were indicted, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.

The once shining political star was busted in 2020 at a hotel room with a gay male escort and adult star named Travis Dyson who had overdosed on crystal meth. Gillum has been married to his wife R. Jai Gillum since 2009 and shares three children.

He’s expected to appear back in court on August 16.