Iconic Texan Actor Woody Harrelson Finds Baby Doppelgänger

August 07, 2022

By: Piers Seidman

Danielle Grier Mulvenna, a woman from Northern Ireland, tweeted a photo of her nine-month-old daughter Cora grinning alongside a photo of Texan Woody Harrelson from "Zombieland" with a big smile on his face, reported Cron. Total doppelgangers! Woody found the tweet as funny as the 487,000 others who liked Mulvenna's tweet.  

Woody responded to the tweet with a poem titled "Ode to Cora" for the Irish baby. "You're an adorable child / Flattered to be compared, You have a wonderful smile / I just wish I had your hair." 

 Mulvenna tweeted in response to Woody. "It's not every day Wood Harrelson writes your daughter a poem. Cora says, thank you all so much for the likes and retweets and also that she doesn't always look like Woody Harrelson, it's just that when she does...she really does."

"You made our day", wrote Mulvenna in response to Woody's post. "Can't wait to show her when she's older  you have another fan for life xxx."

Mulvenna told Today in an interview, that she never realized her daughter's resemblance to Woody until a friend pointed it out. "Basically we never saw the resemblance until our friend Chris pointed it out at a BBQ. Then once we took that photo of her laughing it was undeniable."