Jason Momoa Helps The Rock’s Aquaman-Obsessed Daughter Celebrate Her 3rd Birthday

April 19, 2021

Story by Jay Ku; Photo via Shutterstock

While Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is prepping for his upcoming role as DC antihero Black Adam, his youngest daughter seems to be more of an Aquaman fan. 

Johnson’s daughter Tiana Gia turned 3 over the weekend and there was an Aquaman theme. After forcing him, the two even watched the movie together and Johnson was made to draw and frame a picture of Aquaman for her. Additionally, her birthday present was a video message from the king of the seven seas himself, Jason Momoa. 

In his birthday tribute post to his daughter, the wrestler turned acting superstar shared that Tia had finally started to “understand that daddy is Maui from ‘Moana’,” after all their approximately 4,000 private sing alongs. He said it led her to ask, “Daddy do you know Aquaman?” As a superfan of Momoa’s character. 

Another post was an Instagram video of the father and daughter pair watching 2018’s ‘Aquaman’ together. “Look what Aquaman just did to that man,” Tia said wide eyed as Aquaman punches a goon in a fight scene. When asked whether her dad or Aquaman is cooler, she answered the latter without missing a beat.

The Rock noted, “The birthday girl Tia is OBSESSED” with Momoa, adding, “The irony here just makes my soul laugh and heart smile.”

A later update shared that her obsession was “getting ridiculous”. Tia insisted that her Aquaman action figure join them for her birthday breakfast. After, she asked her dad to draw a picture of Aquaman “so she can FRAME it and hang it up in her room”.

Johnson quipped, “Black Adam’s gonna hand out a fresh Aqua Ass Whuppin’ if this disrespect keep up.”

And finally came the video message, watched by Tia and her big sister Jasmine, 5. Momoa, a hulking figure like Johnson — sweetly talked about their families getting together in Hawaii to go rock climbing and surfing, as previoisly promised as the girls presents. By the end, both girls, whose mom is Lauren Hashian, were waving and talking back to him on the screen — and Tia jumped up and down at the end in delight. 

Momoa commented on Johnson’s video, “What an honor. We do it for our babies. For the next generation. Happy birthday baby Tia. See u [in] Hawaii,” where both men have roots. 

Johnson has been trying to get ‘Black Adam’ off the ground since 2008. It was supposed to hit theaters at the end of this year, but it’s been pushed back to July 29 2022.

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