Man Killed By The Same Bullet He Fired at His Girlfriend's Neck

August 02, 2022

By: Isabella Chacon

This weekend in Dallas, Texas, a man named Byron Redmon, 26, died after being struck by the same bullet he fired into his girlfriend's neck.

According to a news release,  Saturday morning at 11:40 am, Dallas police officers responded to reports of a shooting at the couple's city residence. When arriving at the scene, officers were met with a "large amount of blood and a blood trail," but the apartment was empty."

Around the same time they arrived at the scene, they received a call from a hospital complex close by, reporting that "a man and woman with apparent gunshot wounds had been found in a vehicle outside." CBS News reports.

Police have not released information explicitly detailing how the bullet shot Redmon, but Investigators believe Redmon shot the woman in the neck, but the "bullet then exited and hit Redmon in the leg."

Police say the woman, who has not been identified, lived and has been released. The shooting was classified as a domestic disturbance, and the investigation is ongoing.