Manhunt For Former Baltimore County Cop And Children Tragically Ends

November 19, 2021

By: Mary Moore

A four day manhunt for former Baltimore County police officer Robert Vicosa tragically ended as police searched for his 6 and 7-year-old daughters Aaminah and Gianna, and also Sgt. Tia Bynum who fled with Vicosa as an accomplice.

Three were found dead inside of an SUV in Smithsburg, Maryland after state troopers attempted to take Vicosa into custody for kidnapping his children, brutally assaulting and drugging his estranged wife at her home.

Crisis negotiators tried to resolve things peacefully but when they arrived at where the vehicle was they could not see inside due to a cloud of smoke inside. Once police were able to look inside they found the body of Sgt. Bynum in the front seat and Vicosa with his two daughters in the back seat. Three were dead at the scene and one of the children was rushed to the Meritus Medical Center in Hagerstown, where she was pronounced dead, Baltimore CBS reports.

The chaos started on Monday after Vicosa and Bynum constructed a plan to terrorize his wife by entering her Pennsylvania home where she was assaulted. They kidnapped the children while the wife was tied up. 

The pair carjacked and kidnapped a man at gunpoint on Wednesday in the Cockeysville area, making him drive around before letting him go.

After being let go the man told WJZ, “I’m just a little tired,” the man said. “I’m worried about the babies, those beautiful little girls.”

Vicosa was fired from the Baltimore County Police Department in August and was wanted on several charges ranging from robbery, armed kidnapping and more. Sgt. Bynum was suspended due to her involvement when police traced Vicosa’s cell phone to her home and she declined to let police search her home while they were searching for Vicosa. 

This did not end well for anyone involved and the community is torn over the news.

Governor Larry Hogan Tweeted on Thursday evening, “We are grieving tonight over the unfathomable loss of two innocent children in what is clearly a horrific tragedy and heinous crime.

Maryland State Police have begun what will be a thorough investigation into today’s events.”