Matthew McConaughey Spoke At White House Press Briefing On Uvalde School Shooting Victims

June 07, 2022

By: Mary Moore

Actor Matthew McConaughey spoke at a White House Press briefing Tuesday on gun reform following the tragedy that took place in his hometown of Uvalde, TX.

McConaughey had an emotional account of his visit as he held back tears while showing a drawing of one of the children who was killed and speaking on another.

“This should be a bi-partisan effort”. “We are not as divided as we’re being told we are '', said McConaughey. 

“We start with making the right choices”.  “We are in a window of opportunity right now that we have not been in before. A window where it seems like real change, real change can happen,” said McConaughey.

“We start by making the loss of these lives matter.” as he read aloud each victim's name.

McConaughey ended the briefing without answering questions from the press. He gave a beautiful tribute to the victims and made it all about them while pleading for a way to make progress in the future on gun reform.