McDonald’s Slammed with Cyberattack, Private Data Leaked

June 11, 2021

By Kana Ruhalter

In the latest of a string of cyberattacks on the world’s most prolific companies, McDonald’s was hit by a data breach that consequently released private information about the company’s customers and affiliates in South Korea and Taiwan. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, the data breach exposed some U.S. locations’ restaurant information, but hackers did not access any “sensitive or personal” customer or employee data. 

In a statement today, the giant burger chain affirmed the report, saying the investigation revealed a “small number of files were accessed,” some of which had personal information. The company is contacting those affected to reiterate that the hackers did not have access to payment information.

CNN Business reports that McDonald’s “substantial investments” in preventative cybersecurity measures are to thank for blocking it before becoming an even bigger dilemma. 

"These tools allowed us to quickly identify and contain recent unauthorized activity on our network," said a McDonald’s spokesperson. "A thorough investigation was conducted, and we worked with experienced third parties to support this investigation."

To further improve security measures, McDonald’s says they will “leverage the findings” from the investigation and implement new strategies as needed. 

Among the hacked companies is the video game maker Electronic Arts, meatpacking company JBS, and significant oil supplier Colonial Pipeline.