Michael Jackson's Estate Claims Brazen Robbery After Death

June 25, 2022

By Richard Schertzer

Photo: Getty

Michael Jackson's estate claims a man engaged to one of his siblings used the chaos and sadness around MJ's death to jack a bunch of property from the singer's home, according to TMZ.

MJ's estate claims Jeffre Phillips, who they say was engaged to one of Michael's siblings when he died, apparently used his 9-day stay in Michael's Carolwood House to steal personal and private property.

Michael's estate claims Phillips started staying at the home right after MJ died on June 25, 2009 and pulled off brazen acts of theft under the cover of all the hullabaloo around the home ... making off with items including MJ's iPhone, California drivers license, prescription pill bottles with pills inside and some clothes.

What's more, Michael's estate claims Phillips also stole handwritten notes from MJ ... plus a briefcase filled with personal and business papers, as well as video cameras, computers, and hard drives.

And, get this ... the estate says Phillips even stole the pajamas Michael was wearing in the final hours before his death -- which had apparently been removed from his body by the paramedics trying to save his life -- and a resuscitator tube that appears to have been used on Michael.

The lawsuit does not specify which of Michael's siblings Phillips was engaged to.