Mobile App To Help Protect Black Drivers Created By Mother From California

April 01, 2021

By Selam Yohannis

A clinical psychotherapist from California created a mobile app that would protect black drivers from incidents that might occur when being pulled over by police. Mother, Charmine Davis, was concerned about the rate of black drivers being pulled over versus white drivers as her son neared driving age. 
Davis stated, "a driver's license to me meant that he was going to be out in the world and I couldn't protect him. I just kind of pondered, ‘what can I do? How can  I stay connected without stagnating this young man who was ready to venture off?’”
The app titled “Just Us” launched in August and has about 3000 users. The name itself is a play on the word “justice”. The app includes three main features. 
The first, "check-in,” sends a message to the designated contact person to let them know about their location and if they're safe. The next feature, "heads up", notifies that contact that they've been pulled over and starts lifestreaming. The third feature, “help,” once the lifestream starts it will notify someone within 3 miles of the app that the person needs assistance. 
Davis continued by stating, "we know that a lot of incidents happen when folks reach for things. And so the voice activation was so important to me because you're not reaching for anything. There's no misconceptions there.”
The app can also be used when someone feels unsafe or are in danger. "we did a community meeting once, and one young lady said that she had used it on her college campus at night when she felt afraid," stated Davis. The app can also be used in situations of domestic violence and sex trafficking.