Mossimo Giannulli Leaves Prison Early & Goes To Halfway House

April 05, 2021

By Selam Yohannis

Mossimo Giannulli is currently in a halfway house after being released from federal prison early. The husband of actress Lori Loughlin was in prison due to his connection to the college admission scandal. He was released after serving most of his five-month sentence. 
After being at Lompoc, a federal correctional institution, for almost 5 weeks he was let out three weeks early. From there he was moved to the Long Beach Residential Reentry Management Field Office. 
While he is there he will be able to sign out and leave for various things. These include looking for work, counseling, or even visiting family. All of these must be approved as he only has relative freedom. 
Giannulli had previously filed an emergency motion as he was seeking to serve the remainder of his time at home. He wanted to modify his sentence due to being placed in "solitary confinement" after concerns about COVID-19.