NBC’s Lester Holt Presses VP Kamala Harris on an Exclusive Interview of the Southern Border

June 09, 2021

By: Nick McIntosh

We all know that the Southern Border is by far one of the hottest topics in American Politics. Yesterday, Vice President Kamala Harris finished her first foreign relation trip by visiting Guatemala and Mexico. 

The Vice President sat down with NBC News’ Lester Holt for an exclusive interview about the Crisis on the Mexico-United States Border. 

Holt started with the interview with pressing the Vice President about her speech in Guatemala. Specifically, Harris’ message to the migrants, “Do not come.” Suggesting that the border is closed. This current administration has suspended many of Trump’s Border Policies, however, some of them like the Covid-19 Protocol is still in effect.

The main reason why Vice President Kamala Harris did this Mexico-Guatemala Trip was because Harris wanted to fix the “root cause” that causes many families to flee to the United States. Holt displays that by saying, “…But Americans don’t see a lot of that on a daily basis. What they do see, at their own border is children being lowered over fences. Coming in with, you know, phone numbers stenciled on their hand…” Further trying to prove his point, that the republican stronghold keeps pushing, is why hasn’t the Vice President visited the border? 

As many of you can recall, President Joe Biden put Harris in charge of the border. During that time, the border has remained the same, if not worse. You have anger from both sides. You have, on the Republican side, anger of the mess that they have created, and on the progressive sides, you have many people like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), showing disappointment for not loosening the border policies to make it easier for asylum seekers. 

Then this is what took the interview for a turn towards the worse for the Vice President. Holt asked, “Why not visit the border? Why not see what Americans are seeing in this crisis?” Harris responded, “Well we are going to the border. We have to deal what is happening at the border. There is no question about that…” and continues with, “…But we have to understand that there is a reason why people are arriving at our border.” Holt tries to get an answer to his

question with, “Do you have any plans to visit the border?” Harris gets defensive with, “We are going to the border. We have been to the border.” Holt reiterates with, “You (Harris) haven’t been to the border.” And at that point, Harris doesn’t a proper response and says, “…I haven’t been to Europe…”

So as successful this administration wants this trip to be successful, many border experts say the contrary. We will see what other backlash the Vice President faces after a dicey trip.