Nevada Teen Rescued From Chimney After Trying To Get Inside Her Locked Home

June 18, 2021

By: Zahnell Pinnock

Photo:Firefighters rescuing the teen from the chimney| Credit: Henderson Fire Department

A Nevada teen was rescued from her chimney by firefighters after a horrible attempt of getting back inside her locked house.

According to People, the Henderson Fire Department announced via a Facebook post Tuesday that they successfully pulled the 18-year-old woman to safety without any injuries.

“Henderson firefighters are trained for confined space rescue and pulled the uninjured girl to safety in about half an hour,” the fire department wrote.

On Tuesday morning, officials said they were called to the unidentified teen’s single-story home near Horizon and College drives, People reports.

The fire department explains in their post that upon arriving at the residence, firefighters discovered that the women attempted to come down the chimney after she couldn’t get inside her home.

While on her way down, she “got stuck just above the flue” and firefighters had to use a rope system to rescue her from the chimney, the post said.

After posting about the incident, the fire department received many complimentary responses from Facebook users who also expressed concern about the teen’s condition.

One person wrote: “Scary! Great work HFD.”

“omg. wow. thank you Henderson Fire Department for all you do for our community,” someone else added.

There were also some jokes from users who likened the women to Santa Clause, however People notes the danger of getting stuck in a chimney. One of their three references of similar situations included a story they published two years ago about how an England man died in a chimney after being trapped inside for almost 15 hours.