New York City Is Scheduled To Be Open After Covid Lockdowns

May 04, 2021

By Jaspreet Kaur

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a “major reopening” where most Covid capacity related restrictions are going to be lifted in New York from May 19, 2021. Government Andrew Cuomo is looking forward to New York reopening, in which restaurants, museums, theaters and retail outlets will be allowed to reopen at a larger capacity. The state will still require to follow the six-foot social distancing rule at public spaces. 

Offices will increase its capacity by 75% starting from May 15. New York City Subway will resume 24 hour a day service beginning from May 17. Large-scale outdoor events can increase capacity to 33% starting from May 19. The indoor dining curfew will be lifted on May 31st and the outdoor food curfew will be lifted on May 17. Under NYC’s Open Restaurant Program, the outdoors dining spaces will be open all year long. 

Gov. Cuomo has outlined four phases under the New York forward plan according to which the business will reopen gradually. Each of the outlined four phases has at least a two week gap for ensuring public safety. 

New York city is currently under Phase 4 where low-risk outdoor spaces like gardens, museums and zoos have reopened with capacity restrictions. 

Additionally, the capacity for outdoor gatherings at houses and private residences is 25 people maximum, and for indoor gathering the capacity remains at 10 people maximum. The bars have also reopened since April 19 and will be allowed to stay open till midnight

Under stage three, starting from July 6th NYC will reopen personal care services such as nails salon and massage therapy practices. 

Under stage two, starting from June 22, businesses like in-store retail, real estate, retail rental, vehicle shops will start to open.

Under stage one, starting from June 8th,  the non-essential businesses are allowed to resume in this stage which includes manufacturers, construction sites, and wholesalers.