Nick Jonas Recalls Near-Death Experience As First Memory In Jonas Brothers New Memoir

June 09, 2021

Story by Zahnell Pinnock; Photo via HarperCollins

Nick Jonas discusses a near-death experience he faced during his childhood in new memoir, Blood: A Memoir by the Jonas Brothers.

According to the book’s description on HarperCollins, it features Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas sharing their own individual stories of their journey as brothers and bandmates.

"Blood is an epic narrative of the Jonas journey as each of them remembers it,” the memoir’s story details says. “In turns funny, irreverent, and eye-opening, it’s an unencumbered look at the ranks of fame and stardom, and a story of learning to find individuality within the blood ties of band and family.”

iHeartRadio reports that in an exclusive excerpt for the Rolling Stone, the “This Is Heaven” singer recalls his first memory being the dangerous swimming risk he took as a toddler.

“It was early autumn. I had just turned three, and I decided to go for a swim,” Nick recollects in the book. “There were three problems with this otherwise unremarkable decision. In order of gravity, they were: 1. The gate to the pool was locked. 2. It was winter and the pool was unheated. 3. I didn’t know how to swim.”

Even at the tender age of three, Nick held utmost determination of overcoming his obstacles: “This has been a theme in my life. When I see something as possible, I generally don’t need advice or their encouragement. I just need to make it happen.”

“So, I snuck out of our apartment, scaled the fence, and hopped directly into the pool,” he continues. “As I felt the water rush around me and the punch of deep coldness against my lungs, I started . . . swimming. I don’t know how I did it. I’d never swum before—or even floated on my own. It just came naturally to me. Propelled by blind confidence, I made it across the length of the pool, hopped out, climbed the fence, and walked back home.” 

Jointly written with Neil Strauss, the Jonas Brother’s memoir, Blood, releases November 9.