Organizers Cancel Georgian Music Festival Because Guns Cannot Be Banned

August 03, 2022

By: Piers Seidman

Photo: Thomas Def

 According to the Huff Post, Festivals in Georgia we're canceled due to 'Open Carry' gun laws. Music Midtown was canceled because the organizers realized fans would be allowed to carry firearms. The festival consistently draws huge crowds of tens of thousands to Piedmont Park each year. Refunds will be paid to ticket holders.
In the wake of several horrifying mass shootings, AJC organizers decided not to reconvene the festival to the Piedmont Park venue. Another influential factor was The 2014 Safe Carry Protection Act, and a Supreme Court Georgia ruling, which was held up in an appeal in 2019. This law enables gun owners to carry firearms in most public areas and restricts venue organizers from banning guns. It also allows religious leaders and school districts to choose whether to allow openly carried guns, reported the HuffPost.
According to The HuffPost, the cancellation demonstrates the negative impact on businesses of the "open carry" gun laws.  
In the past, all weapons were prohibited from the venue, however, organizers were afraid of lawsuits from gun owners and that musicians would bail if guns were allowed on site.
The HuffPost reported that Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams criticized Republicans for passing pro-gun laws.