Police Declared Portland Protest A Riot

November 20, 2021

By: Mary Moore

The Portland police department declared a downtown protest a riot after the gate to the Justice Center detention area was damaged and violence broke out after the Rittenhouse verdict on Friday.

As protests were taking place a group of about 200 people started breaking the windows of several county government offices and throwing objects at police at around 9:00 p.m, the New York Post reports.

KOIN TV reported that a group allegedly were talking about burning down the city’s Justice Center, which houses the Portland Police Bureau headquarters, a county jail and some courtrooms.

There were lots of buildings being tagged with spray paint, torn fencing, dumpster fires and plenty of anti police chants.

At lease one person was “criminally cited” and another was arrested who also had an outstanding warrant. In all five citations and 17 warnings were given out. 

Things were for the most part peaceful in Kenosha according to multiple reports.