Police Find Human Smuggling In A House In Southwest Houston

April 30, 2021

By Selam Yohannis

Houston police are suspecting humans smuggling after they found 90 people inside a home in Southwest Houston. It is likely that many of these people have COVID-19 due to some having high fevers and loss of smell.
As the health department heads over there to perform rapid tests no one has been brought out of the home. Police have also not been able to identify the victims from the potential suspects. 
It's being reported that of the 91 total people found inside five or women while the rest are men. No children have been found as the oldest in the group is in their late 30s. 
In the two-story house, people were spread out between the two floors. Many were huddled together as police found out they hadn’t eaten in a while. Houston firefighters and police are providing food, water, and medical attention to those in the house. 
Police found out that this was a human smuggling event after they were tipped off about a possible kidnapping. This led the officers to search for the location of the victim where they obtain a warrant so they can enter the house with tactical/SWAT members. 
Houston Police Assistant Chief Daryn Edwards stated, "when we got into the house we realized there were over 90 people inside. We immediately began to assess any threats and render medical care. It was very surprising.”