President Joe Biden’s Address to Congress

April 28, 2021

By Nicholas McIntosh 

Photo: Jim Watson/AP

As I am writing this article, it will be the 100th day of the Biden Administration.

On this historic night, we saw for the first time in history, two women behind the president. Vice President Kamila Harris (D- Calif) and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif). President Joe Biden marked the occasion by saying, “No presidents has said those words from this podium…” and continued with, “It’s about time.” 

President Biden started off his speech with a victory lap. He told the American people that he has fulfilled his promise with over 100 million vaccinations with nearly 223 million shots in numerous peoples’ arms. He continues with the success of the $1.9T American Rescue Plan. Biden said, “Everyone is eligible to get vaccinated right now, right away.” Biden talked to a nurse in a mass vaccination site in Glendale, AZ, and she said, “It is like every shot is giving a dose of hope.” And rightfully so. We are nearing the end of the tunnel of this horrible pandemic, if we continue to do everything right. 

The main focus was jobs. The phrase “jobs” was used the most in his speech. Biden continues selling his Infrastructure Bill and is trying to appease the GOP. Biden said this will create more jobs if this bill is passed. During this pitch, Biden is trying to show that he is trying to move to renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. Biden said, “There is simply no reason why the blades from wind turbines can’t be built in Pittsburg instead of Beijing.” Biden, in his speech wants to be the leader in everything renewable energy from electric to many more. 

Biden keeps pitching and asks Congress to pass the PRO Act, a union organizing bill. The President said to further his point, “Wall Street didn’t build the country. The Middle Class built the country. And Unions built the middle class.” 

We move on to address the current fights with our advisories, China and Russia. The President pushes this by addressing the way to win this fight is through our education system. He proposed new legislation that will provide community college free for two years, more money to the Pell Grants, invest in HBCUs, and many more. Biden says that he guarantees that low middle-income families will not pay nearly anything and poor families nothing. He wants to continue the Child Credit to until 2025. 

Biden also wants everyone to pay their fair share. Poking the bear when it comes to “Corporate America”, he wants to tax them more and is trying to get rid of the tax loopholes these corporations are using. Biden attacks the previous administration’s 2017 Tax Break. Biden explains that the legislation that was passed under the Trump administration raised the deficit. “It was supposed to pay itself,” Biden says, but what we saw was the opposite. 

In the end, Biden has big plans for the country. Now the real question is, will he succeed? With a hair of a majority, President Biden has his work put out. He still needs to convince the GOP, Senator Manchin (D-WV), and Sinema (D-Ariz) to switch to his side. The Congress and the President still needs to pass HR-1, a voting rights bill, and bills that protect the “Dreamers.”

I will have a full recap this Friday on The Total Plug Podcast. You can also listen on my Instagram @officalnicholasmcintosh, my TikTok @nickmcintosh, and YouTube. Let us see what happens after this.