"Queer Eye" Wont "Shy Away" From COVID On Latest Season In Texas

May 02, 2021

By Selam Yohannis

"Queer Eye" Won't "Shy Away" From COVID On Latest Season In Texas
In a recent interview, Karamo Brown and the rest of the Fab Five talked about how the COVID-19 pandemic will be tackled in season six of “Queer Eye.” Filming of season six began in Austin right before lockdown started. 
Brown stated, “We are not going to shy away from Covid and the reality of what's happening and how it's affecting people.” Bobby Berk talked about how good it felt to premiere season five of the show in June 2020 during the pandemic. He stated, "I felt really good to kind of give everybody that virtual hug and give them that warmth and love and connection that for the last year we were all missing.”
Previously Karamo had given fans an update when production came to a halt. He stated, "I think our Network did a really Great job of seeing it for what it was and making sure that we were safe way before the news had said things need to shut down.” 
Production has since continued after "figuring out how to do it safely and at the right time.” As of right now, there is no release date set for the new season.