Scarlett Johansson Blows Minds and Bad Guys Away In ‘Black Widow’

July 11, 2021

Story by William Beavers; Photo courtesy of MCU

Scarlett Johansson has done it again with blowing minds in her solo film ‘Black Widow’. It’s more of a spy thriller ‘Mission: Impossible’-type movie than a traditional superhero film. The film carried its own successfully with a great ensemble cast, amazing stunts, dramatic, operating scoring, and numerous explosions.

‘Black Widow’ takes place after ‘Captain America: Civil War’, with Natasha Romanoff (played by Johansson) trying to resolve the trauma from her childhood to her former assassin position. In addition to shutting down the Red Room, she must make peace with her family members Yelena Belova (played by Florence Pugh), Alexei Shostakov/Red Guardian (played by David Harbour), and Melina Vostokoff (played by Rachel Weisz).

While I won’t spoil too much of the film, let’s just say it answers some questions about why Natasha struggles to be a hero every day, specifically because of the sins of her past. And yet, she exceeds expectations of a regular woman with her exceptional combat skills. She proves to be a very capable heroine while dodging explosions at every turn and looking fly while doing it.

As for the rest of the cast, it is humorous how Natasha’s family pokes fun at each other’s faults and has some occasional screw-ups in action scenes. Yelena had good shooting skills and was funny when admiring her new vest and insulting Natasha, like the sisters they are. Red Guardian was comical with his arm-wrestling with convicts, rambling on about being better than Captain America, and struggling to put on his suit.

Melina had more brains and strategy to offer than humor. Like “Captain Marvel”, this film was excellent in letting the female hero take charge for a change. You've got to love the chemistry among the main heroic cast.

Lorne Balfe’s scoring included choir vocalizing and spy themes that highlighted the danger and excitement throughout the film, similar to his work in “Mission: Impossible: Fallout”. The special effects and stunt team sure had some viewers fooled into thinking the violence was real between the fights between Johansson and Pugh and the character of Taskmaster (played by Olga Kurylenko) whether at prison or the Red Room, or during skydiving.

Another thing that made the film more of a thriller than superhero film was the drama between the family and less glamorizing those who have superpowers. It shows you don’t need powers to be super, you just need heart, family, a cool spy suit, and weapons. The blasts will surely blow you out of your seat while being awestruck at Johansson and friends walking away from them.

Overall, if you’re caught up with all the MCU films, you’ll enjoy seeing some powerful action and discussions of family in Marvel Studios’ ‘Black Widow’, in theaters or on Disney+ with Premier Access.