Shooter Wearing Nazi Symbols Attacks Russian School Leaving At Least 13 Dead

September 27, 2022

By: Mariah Fritz

A gunman opened fire inside a school in Izhevsk, Russia, on Monday leaving at least 13 people killed and 23 more wounded, according to Russian authorities.

The gunman, who was later identified as a local in his thirties, graduated from School No. 88—a school that teaches children from elementary to high school age groups. The shooter was armed with two "traumatic" pistols, or non-lethal firearms often used by law enforcement. The weapons were converted to fire live ammunition, obtained illegally, according to the regional office of the National Guard.

The Russian News Agency TASS cited law enforcement as saying that the shooter committed suicide on the school property, “according to preliminary information."

Russia’s Investigative Committee confirmed that the gunman “was wearing a black top with Nazi symbols and a balaclava." The Committee soon released video footage of the massacre, which showed the attacker wearing all black and wearing a swastika on his shirt or jacket. 

"Currently the investigators are conducting a search of his residence and studying the personality of the attacker as well as his views and surrounding milieu," the committee wrote in a statement. "Checks are being made into his adherence to neo-fascist views and Nazi ideology."

According to NBC News, the victims include children, six adults, teachers, and security guards at the school. 

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov reported President Vladimir Putin as saying he “deeply mourns” the victims and has ordered, "doctors, psychologists, neurosurgeons and other specialists" to be sent to the scene. Peskov also stated on a conference call that the shooting was most likely committed "by a person who most likely belongs to a neo-Nazi organization or group."

Aleksander Brechalov, the regional governor of Russia, declared three days of mourning for the tragedy.