Six Hospitalized After Concert Shooting In Oregon

January 15, 2022

Story by Dominique Hanson; Photo by SBG

In Eugene, Oregon, six people were shot outside of a concert at the WOW Hall on Friday night. According to police and officials of the event hall, the shooting took place outside in a parking lot of the venue. 

Around 9:30 p.m., officers responded to calls pertaining to a shooting and once arriving on scene, they were met with groups of people frantically running around, trying to leave, and/ or helping those around them. 

Although the injuries of concertgoers is currently unknown, it is known that six people were taken to the hospital with at least one person being in critical condition.

“We at the WOW Hall want to thank all first responders who came so quickly to ensure everyone’s safety and administer first aid,” a statement from WOW Hall said. “We believe all staff and volunteers are safe and accounted for.”

 At this time, there is no suspect in custody. Police and investigators are working hard to discover things such as leads and motives.