Suspect Of Another Anti- Asian Hate Crime Under Arrest

April 27, 2021

By Jaspreet Kaur

The number of anti-asian hate incidents are on a constant rise and another Asian man has been hospitalized after a brutal beating that took place in East Harlem. 

According to police, the 61-year old Asian man, Yao Pan Ma was collecting cans and bottles when the suspect attacked him from behind, pushing Ma to the ground and started viciously stomping on his head while he was laying motionless on the ground. The incident took place around the corner of Third Avenue and East 125th Street. 

Yao Pan Ma is now hospitalized and is fighting for his life in a medically induced coma with fractures in his face and a cerebral contusion. The victim’s family has lost hope in Ma’s recovery and truly hopes that nobody ever has to ever become a victim of this kind of brutality. 

According to CBC New York, Baozhen Chao, the victim’s wife says “I feel unsafe and I am scared my husband might not make it through. I hope this never happens to my husband or anyone else.” 

On Monday, the arrest of 49-year-old Jarrod Powell was made. The authorities say Powell has a very violent arrest record. In 1998, Powell was charged with kidnapping a 23-year old woman, and sexually assaulting her. He then was arrested again in July 2002, November 2003, and more than 4 times in 2004. Powell was once again charged with assault in 2006, according to ABC New York. 

According to recent NYPD statistics, hate crimes are up 45% against Asians. The splurge of violence directed at asian seniors in America has left us questioning as to how safe minorities are in this country. Furthermore, it caused people all over the country to take a stance to support the safety and lives of minorities.