Tiffany Haddish Casted to Play the Role of Legendary Olympian Florence Griffith Joyner in Biopic

June 04, 2021

By Jada Sharp

Tiffany Haddish is no stranger to the big screen! The award winning actress, comedian, and author has been cast in another legendary role. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tiffany is set to portray Olympic legend Florence Griffith Joyner in a biopic from sports-focused studio Game1. 

Florence, also known as Flo-Jo, competed in the 1988 Olympics which was held in Seoul. The track and field icon won 3 olympic gold medals and retired from the sport in 1989. 

Less than 10 years after her retirement, Joyner suffered a fatal epileptic seizure and tragically passed away at the age of 38 on September 21,1998. 

Tiffany Haddish eagerly takes on the challenge of honoring the late track star as she will also help produce the film in addition to her acting role. Tiffany has already begun preparing for the project with Flo-Jo’s widower and former coach, Al Joyner. Al is a 1984 olympic gold medalist. He is currently 61-years-old, and he is also working on the film as producer and creative consultant. 

Al shared his experience so far in a statement, "Working with Tiffany has been a great pleasure. She is incredibly dedicated, focused and committed to portraying the spirit of Florence accurately, whose legacy of making a difference in the world will live on for generations to come." He continued to highlight what this opportunity and tribute truly mean to him as he added, "I hope that this film touches all who see it and inspires people to be the change the world so desperately needs right now!"

“I am looking forward to telling Flo-Jo’s story the way it should be told.” shared by Haddish  in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. "My goal with this film is making sure that younger generations know my 'she-ro' Flo-Jo, the fastest woman in the world to this day, existed."

You may remember Tiffany from her standout comedic roles in numerous popular flicks including Girls Trip and Nobody’s Fool.

This bipoc of an icon played by another icon is sure to make a great film. In addition to bringing everyone quality entertainment, this movie is being carried out to honor and highlight Florence Griffith Joyner. 

According to the outlet, the upcoming movie’s team wants to create additional companion projects, including a podcast and documentary series. Planning is underway as we hope to have a confirmed screenwriter and movie release date soon!