Tishaura Jones Wins Mayor's Race And As First Black Woman

April 07, 2021

By Mary Moore

Tishaura Jones will make history as the first black woman to hold the office of Mayor in Saint Louis City after winning her race on Tuesday evening against her rival Cara Spencer, Fox 2 news reports.

Jones brought a light of hope to many in her city who rallied for her to be the change that was needed and she accepted her win at the Omega center on Goodfellow Blvd approximately three hours after the polls closed and spoke to what her mission would be.

“It’s time to bring a breath of fresh air to our neighborhoods,” Jones said.

“North St. Louis is going to be a priority for me because I believe one of the reasons why we have so much crime is our children and young people have no hope,” Jones said. She said children in the north part of the city see abandoned buildings, trash, and no economic development.

“It’s time to change their environment,” Jones said. “It’s also time to connect assets with people and then make sure that we have workforce opportunities for people not only to survive but to thrive.” 

Jones made history back in 2012 when she became the first black woman to be City Treasurer and now as Mayor she plans to set her sights on helping to address some of the major issues that's plagued the city, such as staggering violence, discrimination, to what's being done in our jails with prison care and with disbursing Covid funds to those organizations and residents who are most affected.

The first woman Mayor of Saint Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson, 68, took to Twitter to congratulate Jones. 

“Congratulations to Mayor-elect Tishaura Jones! I am rooting for your success. My Administration and I are prepared to make this as smooth a transition as possible,” writes Krewson on Twitter.

Krewson decided not serve a second term after working as a lifelong politician in the city of Saint Louis for 19 years as a alderwoman and as four years as mayor.

This will surely be a fresh start for the city and hopefully one that will turn it around with positivity, unity and growth.