Two Dead and Three Injured In Dallas Entertainment District

May 13, 2022

Story by Dominique Hanson; Photo by WFAA

As many were out to kick off the weekend, a shooting in the entertainment district of Dallas has left two people dead and at least three others injured.

The shooting occurred on Elm and Crowdus in Deep Ellum, an area known for its nightlife. According to officers, shots rang out after four people saw each other and fired shots “immediately upon that interaction or recognition”. 

The incident occurred at 2 a.m. when patrons were heading home for the night. At the time, police were stationed in the area and were able to respond to victims in just seconds.

Two people were arrested for their connection in the shooting and police believe that everyone involved is in custody. Police have noted that more victims with injuries were taken to nearby hospitals, however, that number is not yet known.

The shooting was caught on surveillance film and is now under investigation.