Two Firefighters Killed in Plane Crash While Responding to Wildfire in Arizona

July 11, 2021

By Ali Pelura

Saturday afternoon, two firefighters died in a plane crash while responding to the Cedar Basin Fire which started Friday evening near the Prescott National Forest.

The aircraft had been performing aerial reconnaissance operations over the wildfire when it crashed. 

According to a spokesperson for the Bureau of Land Management, firefighters flying these aircrafts are able to become the “eyes in the sky” during these events in order to gain situational awareness and help the team of firefighters working on ground level. 

No details have been released in regards to the identities of the two deceased firefighters, and the bureau is currently working with other local, state and federal agencies to investigate and respond to the accident. 

In a statement made Saturday evening, the bureau expressed their condolences saying, “Our hearts go out to the families of our brave wildland firefighters.” 

The Cedar Basin Fire continues to burn and intensify during the heatwave in Arizona. It has now spanned to at least 300 acres and was reportedly ignited as a result of lightning near Wikieup.