Welcome To 2021, A Florida McDonald's Will Pay You 50 Dollars To Attend A Job Interview.

April 17, 2021

By Cao Hữu Tín

The business reopening has shown a bright future for fast-food restaurants when more people came back to work. Ironically, a McDonald’s store in Florida found it difficult to hire new workers even when paying $50 for each applicant to attend a job interview.

The stimulus checks and unemployment benefits were expected to help people get through the pandemic and then make ends meet after a chaotic 2020. The answer might be different: they used that money to go shopping and thought coming back to workplaces is unnecessary.  

This McDonald’s store is struggling to keep its business alive, and the owner named Blake Casper planned to raise wages from 12$ to 13$, which is expected to hire more team members for the restaurant.

However, the general manager and supervisor did not think it was enough – and came up with an interesting idea: pay 50$ for those who showed up in the job interview.
"At this point, if we can't keep our drive-thrus moving, then I'll pay $50 for an interview," said Casper.

You think it worked, right? Sadly, it did not. The owner thought the federal and state unemployment benefits were more attractive to receive rather than working 40 hours per week for the same amount of money.

"And, how do you blame somebody? You can make more money on unemployment — and so, we've got to be at least above that," he added.

If this situation continues, it will be slow for some McDonald’s franchisees to reopen their indoor dining service. A recent survey indicated that 42% of small business owners could not have abundant workers to replenish vacant positions.

"It's just craziness out there," said John Motta, the chairman of the Coalition of Franchisee Association. "People are closing early, people are not opening lobbies."