West Virginia Boy's Life Saved By A TikTok User In New Hampshire

April 09, 2021

Story by Cao Hữu Tín; Photo of Caden Cotnoir via NBC Boston

While watching a video on Tiktok, Caden Cotnoir from New Hampshire saw big trouble on the screen. Trent Jarrett, driving an AVT in the video, had a severe accident when his vehicle turned over and pressed him at its bottom. 

"I can barely breathe, somebody call 911," Jarrett said, gasping for air for several minutes.

The boy came up with the idea of telling the viewers his family's phone number and Cotnoir decided to take action.

"That's when I knew we could do something about it," Cotnoir said.

Cotnoir soon-after showed the video to his mom and stepfather to ask for help. Fortunately, his dad is the police chief living in Gilmanton, New Hampshire and writing down the phone number appeared to be an easy task.

Together, they contact the boy's family within 20 minutes. They say Jarrett's parents found him on a trail, trapped under his ATV. He was struggling to breathe, but he was uninjured. 

Cotnoir and Jarrett were strangers before the accident and since then, they have been in touch several times, so much so that Cotnoir follows Jarrett's TikTok account because he loves fishing, four-wheeling, and hunting. As it turns out, the two hav many things in common with one another. 

Thanks to Cotnoir's actions, Jarrett was able to be found and receive the immediate help he needed.