Young Buck Doesn't Back Down From Ghost Writing Claims Of Writing For 50 Cents

April 07, 2021

By Stevenson Altidor

Young Buck reiterated that he was behind some of 50 Cent's biggest hits during his appearance on the Big Facts podcast. The two have a long-standing feud, bashing each other on social media and interviews, stemming from Buck's dismissal of g-unit in 2008. 

Speaking on the ghostwriting allegations, Young Buck is frustrated with how things turned out. "Word for word." Young Buck declared. "The nigga might change one here or a line here, but when you listen to the 'Too Rich' song, that's just off of my head, that's just one I inked from top to bottom."

This isn't the first time Buck has made these accusations. Back in 2018, he posted a clip on his Instagram. Saying that 50 needs to pay him due to the the record sounding "just like me."

Buck goes on to say that he has yet to receive any acknowledgment or financial compensation for his contributions. "No. No credit, no nothing for it. Just like the 'Can't Lose' record that was released under G-Unit. I ain't seen a check from that sh*t and G-Unit released that." 

The Memphis rapper does take full responsibility for how everything turned out, recognizing that he made mistakes in handling his business. "From the beginning. Like I said, I'm coming strictly of the streets. I'm young. I just turned 40-years-old. We talkin' 'bout sh*t that's twenty years ago."