Intern Spotlight

June 29, 2021

We would like to introduce some of our interns who help us out tremendously to bring you our daily content. Most are students and recieve school credits and or the experince that's needed to boost thier resumes and to put their education to great use.

While we are working to be able to hire directly at the moment we're not there yet but we want to help so we're allowing those who want to list themselves and and or their Paypal accounts.

We have a team of interns at this time and if you would like to donate to anyone who's listed on here or anyone that you're a fan of then please just ask how to contact them directly for their contact infomation.

Also if your company ever has a paid employment opportunity of any kind please contact us and we'll pass it along to someone who might be interested.

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My name is Sarah DiLuzio and I'm a rising junior at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. I'm pursuing a psychology major and an English minor and I have a strong passion for the media/journalism industry! 

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Richard Schertzer is a Howard University Grad student working towards an MFA in Filmmaking and has worked in production and videography in his endeavor to become a filmmaker. Paypal email:

Vick Regan is a student that is being taught at Ball State University by various Communication Majors. Regan is currently working on his major in Magazine Journalism and his minor in Japanese. Regan is actively participating in the LGBTQ+ Community and part of the LGBTQ+ Community. Regan is projected to be graduating in the spring of 2022. Vicks Venmo:  Vicks PayPal:

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